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Hi, I'm Marcela, a Holistic Nutritional Therapist. My mission is to help women have a positive relationship with their body, mind, heart, and food.

I am a nutritionist who looks beyond calories and meal plans. I help people in reconnecting with their bodies and becoming their own experts. I advise my clients on how to organise and plan their eating, honour their health, respect their bodies, eat guiltlessly, and much more.

I work with gentle and inclusive science-based nutrition.

My goal is to improve women’s health (physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially).

Remember: your health starts on your plate.


  • International Certification in Nutritional Psychiatry at Instituto de Nutrição do Cérebro e Coração, Brazil.

  • Online Certification in Women’s Health (30 hours)

  • Online training in Eating Behaviour (60 hours) at Instituto de Nutricao Comportamental Brasil.

  • Extension course certificate of Fundamentals of Functional Nutrition (online with 48-hour).

  • Diploma in Holistic Dietetics and Nutrition and Holistic Health Coach at Irish Association of Holistic Medicine.

  • Reiki First, Second and Master’s degree.

  • Certificate in Children’s Nutrition, Course Duration 100 hours at Learningcloud.

  • Business English at Arena English School, Dublin.

  • Post – Graduate Diploma in Treatment of Obesity and Psychobiological Aspects at Federal University of São Paulo, Paulista School of Medicine, Brazil.

  • Bachelor of Honours Degree in Nutrition at São Camilo University, Brazil.

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