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Do you know the types of hunger?

1. Biological or Physical Hunger: It is the one needed to energize your body to fulfil your daily activities. It is not specific, any food that is available will satisfy your hunger. It comes gradually and you feel it in the stomach. Ask yourself: "Would I now eat a nice plate of homemade food?" If the answer is yes, eat appropriately until you are satiated, based on intensity of this hunger. If not, move on to the other types of hunger

2. Social Hunger: It is when food is available, such as at a party or a meeting. You wouldn't think of that food if it weren't there. Ask yourself: "If this food weren't available, would I have thought about eating it at that moment? If the answer is no, consider whether you want to eat (is it socially important? Is eating the food is consistent thought or do I soon forget?). If you decide to eat, choose the amount that satisfies you in regard to your physical hunger level, without self-judgment or guilt.

3. “I Really want it” hunger or tasty hunger: It is specific and not urgent. It needs to be honoured, but it is negotiable. Ask yourself: "Do I know exactly what I want to eat even if it's not available now? If the answer is yes, see if you can plan to eat it at another time and, when that moment comes, enjoy it with pleasure - if possible, when you're hungry.

4. Emotional Hunger: It is urgent and usually nonspecific, an impulse to eat something tasty. It is felt more in the heart area and the person desires a large quantity of food to be satisfied. Emotional eating is related to mood and feelings.

Ask yourself: "I want to eat, I know it's not physical hunger, it's not social hunger or the tasty hunger". The most likely, in this case, is that it is related to a specific emotion (tired, stressed, sad, happy, reward, etc.) Try not to eat at this moment. Stop, feel, and reflect: "What emotion am I feeling?" and "What would comfort me right now".


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